XHTML Tutorial

Designed by Rong Zhu, content courtesy of Judy Jacobs Miller's XHTML Tutorial
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Last updated: February 14, 2012

bullet 1. Getting Started
bullet 2. Creating your first web page
bullet 3. Naming your web page
bullet 4. Viewing your web page in the browser
bullet 5. Revising your web page
bullet 6. Validation
bullet 7. FTPing to the server
bullet 8. Linking
bullet 9. Images
bullet 10. Lists
bullet 11. Styling
bullet 12. Embedded CSS
bullet 13. External CSS
bullet 14. Tables
bullet 15. Summary
1. Getting Started

So you want to make a web site. It's easy. You don't need any fancy software. Just a computer and you're set. The software you will use is already on most computers that are sold today. So what do we need?

  1. A text editor
  2. A browser

A text editor is a program that let's you write text. Actually, ASCII text. What's ASCII text? Basically, the characters on your keyboard. On Windows computers the text editor program is called Notepad. You open it up by selecting: Start > Programs > Accessories > Notepad. Don't confuse a text editor with a word processor. Using a word processor, like Word Pad or Word, will mess you up. Be sure you use Notepad.

A browser is software that let's you view a web page. It takes what's written on Notepad and interprets it. The browser shows you all the formatting; it's what makes the page look pretty, or ugly, or whatever. There are lots of browsers. Two popular browsers are Internet Explorer and Firefox. To open a browser, either double click on the browser icon on your desktop, or select Start > Programs > Internet Explorer (or Firefox).

Let's do a little experiment. Open a web page, say http://www.amazon.com. Now that you have Amazon open, right-click on the web page and choose "View Source" or "View Page Source." . What do you see? Lots of XHTML code. Don't worry if it looks a little complicated. It's really pretty easy. You'll make a web page in less than an hour. Just keep reading.

So what have we learned? You create a web page using Notepad. You view a web page using a browser. Lets make a web page!