Interesting Web Sites for Unit 1

Dr. Diane Thompson, NVCC, ELI

Tartuffe: a history of the play this large site has information on theater from the ancient Greek to the 20th century.
Tartuffe: the etext in English--Harvard Classics Series from Bartleby Etext of Candide: from
Tartuffe by Moliere: a new verse adaptation by Timothy Mooney Etext of Candide: from Project Gutenberg
Judith Chaffee's Commedia website: links to interesting historical information, including a timeline back to the second century BCE. Candide: searchable etext in English
Commedia dell'Arte Candide: The Musical:  Music by Carl Bernstein Lyrics by Richard Wilbur; synopsis, cast and several reviews of the musical on this page
Commedia dell'Carte Home Page: good information on the ancient stock characters underlying the characters in Tartuffe The Voltaire Foundation
The Age of Enlightenment Voltaire: French Author and Philosopher
The Age of Enlightenment: in the paintings of France's Museums Voltaire: in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Poetry. 
The Age of Enlightenment: lots of interesting information from Wikipedia; just be sure to double check any facts with other sources, because Wikipedia entries are not immediately peer reviewed Voltaire Quotes
French Deism: The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy An Introduction to Buddhism: from Shippensburg University. Useful if you read Monkey
World Union of Deists Journey to the West (Monkey): introduction and some illustrations 
The Enlightenment: by Paul Brians

Monkey: a gorgeous "comic" strip about the monkey king; scroll down to see the links to each page


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