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MTH151 - Math for the Liberal Arts I - 3 Credits
Professor:  Dr. Kevin Chouinard


In this course, you will learn about sets, logic, number systems, geometry, and financial mathematics.

Prerequisite :

The following are required for entry into this course:

  • a satisfactory score on an appropriate proficiency examination and MTH 003 (Algebra I), MTH 004 (Algebra II), and geometry or equivalent,
  • the ability to read a math textbook,
  • excellent study habits.



If you do well in this course, you will be able to:

  • perform operations on sets and Venn diagrams and solve problems utilizing set operations,
  • distinguish between a valid argument and a fallacy,
  • appreciate our own place-value number system in its historical perspective,
  • understand Euclidean geometry and compare it to non-Euclidean geometries,
  • solve problems involving interest, credit card, and mortgage payments.


Required Texts

The required textbook for this course is:

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  • Mathematical Ideas (11th ed.) with MathXL , Miller, Hereen, Hornsby, Addison Wesley, 2008, (ISBN-10: 0321512499 | ISBN-13: 9780321512499)
  • Please note that there are two components of this item:  a textbook and a registration code for MathXL.  You will need both for completion of the course.  If you purchase them separately, please make sure that you get both.  (You may purchase the MathXL registration code online at www.mathxl.com). 

An optional textbook for this course is:

  • Student Solutions Manual for Mathematical Ideas (11th ed.) , Miller, Hereen, Hornsby, Addison Wesley, 2008, (ISBN-10: 0321369718 | ISBN-13: 9780321369710)
For information on how to order your textbooks, go to http://eli.nvcc.edu/books/ 



Additional Materials
The following materials are also required for this course:

  • A scientific or graphing calculator.
You will find directions for using each of these in the TOOLS section of SYLLABUS.


Midterm Exam
Final Exam
Online Quizzes (5)
100 (20 each)
Excel Project

Grades Points





You are expected to take your examinations at one of the NVCC campus Testing Centers. Be sure to allow enough time to complete your exam before the Testing Center closes; Testing centers have specific policies relating to the administration of ELI exams. Testing Centers will NOT let you take an exam if you bring your children.  This is an issue of liability.

For Testing Center locations, hours of operation and policies, click here.

At all Testing Centers, you will be required to show photo identification to take your examination. This may be an official driver's license, a DMV ID, or a military ID. You will also be required to provide the appropriate Exam Pass found on your course web site or in the Syllabus, and your NovaConnect ID (also called your Student Number and EmplID). To look up your NovaConnect ID before you go to the testing center, go to http://www.nvcc.edu/novaconnect /.

If you have received a W grade, you must have written permission from your instructor to take exams. Be sure to take this permission with you to the Testing Center to take the exam.

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ELI Policies and Procedures

This is an Extended Learning Institute (ELI) course. ELI courses differ from campus courses in several important ways, including enrollment dates, communication with faculty, assignment completion requirements, and exams. You must follow ELI's policies and procedures if you take this course. Read (or review) ELI's Policies and Procedures before you begin the course. 

Contacting the Instructor


I am here to help you succeed in this course. Occasionally questions or problems may arise. Here is how to contact me when they do:

BY EMAIL: kchouinard@nvcc.edu
BY CAMPUS PHONE: (703) 450-2618
BY ELI PHONE: (703) 323-3347


Beginning the Course


1. Use your web browser to connect to www. nvcc.edu/bbstart. Follow the directions to determine your email, Blackboard and VIVA account user names and passwords.
2. Log on to your email account and make sure you know how to use it; you will be required to use this account for all course-related email.
3. Log on to your Blackboard account.
4. Click on this course under "My Courses." Review the entire course to make sure you understand what will be required of you. Then start completing the assignments.

Please note that account generation takes approximately one week from the time of your paid registration. If you cannot log on after one week, contact the IT Help Desk.