HIS 111
Unit 7:  Classical China
Terra Cotta Army
This is the famed terra cotta army of warriors, over 8,000 of them, dating to the first Qin emperor, Qin Shi Huang, circa 210 bce, when these became part of his burial process; photo source is from Wikipedia Commons by Richard Chambers.
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What you must do in this unit What you can do in this unit
  • Read Confucius, The Analects (if you are going to submit the optional Confucius paper).
  • Submit the Optional Confucius paper.  If you don't understand why I call this an optional paper, take a look at the Explanation of Assignments and Grading.
  • Listen to some further information about this unit as a mp3 file.  You can also read the information as a txt file.
  • Katie Lapp, a second-grade teacher, has written up some of the websites on Ancient China (*.pdf file) that she uses in her class.
Some videos that you can watch for this unit Extra Credit Options
  • Take the short 5-point quiz for chapter 4. Log into Blackboard and look under "Chapter Quizzes." You have five minutes to complete each quiz (multiple-choice questions).
  • For extra credit of a maximum of 50 points, in a one-page paper, consider a comparison of the Analects of Confucius with the Sermon on the Mount of Jesus of Nazareth or the Sermon at Benares of Siddhartha Buddha.  Please cite your sources.
  • For extra credit of a maximum of 25 points, read the short excerpt on the idea of the Mandate of Heaven and write a paragraph in which you explain this Chinese conception of political authority.
  • For extra credit of a maximum of 25 points, read the Chinese Accounts of Rome, Byzantium, and the Middle East, c. 91bce - 1643ce, and in a long paragraph assess the ancient Chinese understanding of the world.
  • For extra credit of a maximum of 10 points, you can submit the answers to the Confucius study questions.  Please write in formal, complete sentences.
  • For extra credit, please suggest a relevant website for this unit of the course.  Send the title of the site, the url and a brief explanation why you find the information interesting and applicable to the material being studied this unit.

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