HIS 112
Map Items
Please use both the textbook and any other available resources in studying for the map quiz.
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Map items for midterm exam
Egypt Cuba Ethiopia
Hawaii North America Korea
Manchuria Burma Canada
Nigeria Angola Ottoman Empire
Persia Hangzhou Japan
Indian Ocean China Berlin
Argentina Algeria Bengal
Istanbul London Siam
South China Sea Java Paris
Germany Siberia Caribbean
Brazil Beijing Delhi
France Mughal Empire Australia
Africa Arabia Mediterranean Sea
Russian Empire Mombasa Great Britain
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Map items for final exam
Pakistan Bangladesh Punjab
Alaska Japan Mongolia
Hungary Korea Cuba
France Poland Suez Canal
South Africa Taiwan Bombay
Palestine China Vietnam
Bay of Bengal Great Britain Ireland
Serbia India Indonesia
Mexico Moscow Tokyo
Germany Australia Mediterranean Sea
Sri Lanka Manchuria Panama
Kenya Saudi Arabia North Africa
Hong Kong Turkey Indian Ocean
Angola Pacific Ocean Egypt
Romania West Africa Colombia

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