HIS 135
Midterm Exam
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Mtkvari River in Tbilisi, Georgia
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The midterm exam will consist of three parts:  map quiz (50 points), chronology (50 points) and essay (100 points).

In the testing center, you will complete the chronology and the essay using Wordpad on a computer. You will then log into Blackboard to submit that part of the exam and to complete the map quiz part of the exam.

For the Map quiz, you already have a copy of the blank map and a list of items to be located on the map.  On the exam, when you log into Blackboard, you will see a blank map with numbers on it, and you will have to put one of the items for each of the numbers on the map. Check some recommended sources for map study.

For the chronology, you will list (in chronological order) fifteen (15) significant world events, that you choose, since 1945.  In a few sentences, identify and explain the importance of each event. See the sample chronology (a short version).

The essay, approximately two-three pages in length, that you will write in the testing lab is as follows:

Summarize and characterize the changing political environment in the world since 1945.

Please take the time to organize your thoughts in a logical manner and cite evidence to support your analysis. Please have some specific focus; do not try and cover the entire world history of the past 60 years.

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Directions for Taking the Midterm Exam

Please review the ELI rules and regulations for examinations and the information on the course page in Blackboard about finding your exam passes and taking the course exams.

If you live outside metropolitan Washington or are incarcerated or handicapped, see the information in the general ELI Policies and Procedures for exam proctors.

Please do not let fear of the exams stop you from completing the course.  If you have great difficulty getting to a Testing Center or are concerned about taking exams, please contact your instructor.

There is no specific time limit, but it is recommended that you allow at least 2 hours to complete the exam.


NOTE: you will see your score for the map quiz immediately. Your instructor will grade the remainder of your exam and post your total score on the Blackboard gradebook. You will also receive feedback on your exam.

The Midterm Exam is worth a maximum of 200 points.



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