HIS 101
Map Items
Please use both the textbook and any other available resources in studying for the map quiz.
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Map items for midterm exam
Sparta Babylon Carthage Greece Aral Sea
Athens Antioch Alexandria Crete Caspian Sea
Jerusalem Rome Barcelona Sicily Black Sea
Naples Constantinople Paris Sardinia North Sea
Moscow London Marseilles North Africa Persian Gulf
Egypt Israel Mesopotamia Spain Atlantic Ocean
Asia Minor Central Asia Volga River Gaul Germany
Seine River Nile River Danube River Italy Scandinavia
Dnieper River Rhine River Euphrates River Macedon Bulgaria
Tigris River Mediterranean Sea Kiev England Baltic Sea
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Map items for final exam
Barcelona Bologna Cadiz England Moscow
Florence France Geneva Istanbul Rome
Holy Roman Empire Hungary Lisbon London Bohemia
Munich Netherlands Ottoman Empire Papal States Prague
Paris Poland Portugal Rhine River Jerusalem
Saxony Sicily Spain Switzerland Scandinavia
Venice Naples Granada Madrid Iceland

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