HIS 102
Questions to Consider while reading the textbook
and studying a unit's material
Unit 1    Introduction
  • How has geography influenced the course of history?
  • What is history?
Unit 2    Seventeenth-Century Europe
  • Why did Parliament succeed in expanding its powers in England at the expense of the king?
  • What were some of the characteristics of political practice in France?
Unit 3    Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment
  • Why was the era called the "Enlightenment?"
  • How did Galileo and Copernicus help to bring about a revolution in scientific thought?
Unit 4    French Revolution
  • What were the main characteristics of the Ancien Régime (Old Regime) in France?
  • Who was Napoleon and why was he considered an embodiment of the revolution?
Unit 5    Industrial Revolution
  • Why did the Industrial Revolution begin in England?
  • How did industrial production change Western society?
Unit 6    Russia in Revolt?
  • What did the Decembrists hope to achieve through their uprising?
  • Was Emperor Alexander I an enlightened monarch?
Unit 7    Socialism
  • What were the main points of Marx' critique of capitalism?
  • What were some of the distinctive features of nineteenth-century conservatism and liberalism?
Unit 8    Nationalism
  • What was the point of the Crimean War?
  • How did Germany and Italy come into existence?
Unit 9    Imperialism
  • How is what happened in Egypt in the second half of the nineteenth century illustrative of the effects of imperialism?
  • What was the Boer War?
Unit 10    The Great War
  • Why were Germany and England the major players in the drama of the summer of 1914?
  • Why did nobody stop the rush to war in 1914?
Unit 11    Russian Revolution
  • Why were the Bolsheviks able to win the Russian Civil War?
  • What factors promoted the collapse of the autocracy in Russia in February 1917?
Unit 12    Fascism
  • What were some of the differences between fascism, national socialism and Bolshevism?
  • Why was Europe unable to achieve political stability after the Great War?
Unit 13    World War II
  • How did World War II differ from the Great War of 1914-1918?
  • What were the crucial factors that enabled the allies to defeat Germany and Japan?
Unit 14    Cold War
  • How did the Cold War begin and how did it encompass the entire world?
  • What caused the outbreak of hostilities in Korea?
Unit 15    Final Exam
  • What events have led to the emergence of a truly interdependent world community?
  • What is globalization?



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