Notes on the Future?
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For extra credit, Lauren Harris was able to identify this as the fountain in the Sergels Torg (the center of Stockholm).
Over the course of the last four centuries (1600-present), the world had changed dramatically in its outward appearances.  For example, horse-drawn carriages are no longer used as the principle vehicle of transportation.  And looking at the most recent events of world history since 1945, it is clear that another phase of the Industrial Revolution has swept the world, the technological revolution.  This revolution has been marked by the invention of the silicon chip, the integrated circuit and the computer.  These devices have allowed revolutionary breakthroughs in communications, information access and television, which have all served to make the world smaller.  In addition to the technology gains of the past fifty years, there have been stunning medical, biological and agricultural advances.  But how much has changed in terms of human rights protections and the political process over the last four hundred years?

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Take a moment and read an Ancient Greek myth!

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  • The Marxists Internet Archive has an enormous amount of public domain materials.
  • The Encyclopedia of Marxism is also very useful.
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