HIS 135
Web Module Creation Assignment

Earth; NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center, data from NOAA GOES
Students, with the instructor's permission, may opt to create a new web module assignment for the course. This is worth a maximum of 400 points.  (Yes, this means that there is built-in extra credit for completing this assignment.)  The module must fit both the chronological (1945-present) and topical (the world) boundaries of this course and should generally follow the same format--style variations are permitted and encouraged--as the other module assignments in the course.  This assignment will reflect a significant amount of work on the student's part.  The student who elects this option will also give his/her permission to the instructor for the module to become a part of the course (with credit for the creation of the module to the student and with slight html modifications, as required, by the instructor).  Students can work in a team of two on this assignment, but more work will be expected. Viraj David, a former student, has created a short video that shows you how to create a simple website using Blogger/Blogspot (free, blog software). You do not have to be a master of web design to do this assignment.
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  • To obtain your instructor's permission, send an email explaining your proposed module topic and why you want to do it.  Your instructor can supply you with a list of possible topics depending on your interests.  You should look at some of the already-existing course modules to get a good idea of what is possible.
  • Each module must have the following components.
    • Timeline/chronology
    • Graphics or other media resources
    • Background text, written by the student, of approximately 250-300 words
    • An essay assignment for future students based on the material in the module
    • Recommended books
    • Annotated list of web resources
  • Please consult Charlie's History Writing Center for specific information on the writing requirements that you should follow.
  • You need to properly credit the source of the photo, including a URL if relevant.
  • Any link that you list in your web resources must include a short annotation of why the link is useful.
  • You can use the resources on the NVCC Library page to help you with finding recommended books and websites and other sources for use on your web page.
  •  You may choose to listen to some short remarks by your instructor about this assignment as a mp3 file.  You can also read the instructions as a txt file.
  • See the short video by Viraj David on how to create a webpage using a blog. This is a quick and easy way to put your content online.
  • Do not use any commercially-available multimedia materials because of copyright concerns.
  • Sites created in a foreign language are welcome.
  • You may wish to consult the resources such as my New Web Design Center.
  • To submit your module, send an email properly identifying yourself and your module topic.  Attach your web page as an html file and also attach any graphic files to the e-mail message.  Your module must be submitted in unit 13 of the course.  I will critique your module, and then expect you to make revisions before assigning a final grade.  If you do not want your module to become part of the course, please state that explicitly when you opt for this assignment.
  • The web module assignment project is worth a maximum of 400 points--Yes, built-in extra credit.

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