Note on the Electrification Quote

If I could make these pictures a bit larger, you would see more clearly the Bolshevik electrification slogan, "Communism is Soviet power plus electrification of the whole country," that is what is written in the very large block letters across the roof of this large electric generating plant.  What was always especially startling to me was the location of this plant, almost right across the river from the Kremlin--Actually more directly across the river from the Hotel Rossiia at the far end of Red Square.  It is hard to imagine another country in the world where you would have found such a juxtaposition between the medieval, cultural heritage of Russia (the Kremlin) and a huge industrial plant that has some major pollution issues--but then again the Soviet leaders always thought that pollution was just a capitalist problem.

Moscow Electric Power Plant
Photo by Bev Blois.

Moscow Electric Power Plant

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