This course builds on the composition and research skills that you learned in ENG 111. You will learn how to analyze the ideas of others expressed in a variety of formats, and how to write your own well-organized and well-supported opinions.

ENG 112 provides varied media for you to consume and analyze, including podcasts, advertisements, editorials, videos, and written texts. The argumentative unit is organized around three themes important to all of us, broadly as American citizens and more narrowly as college students-- censorship on social-media platforms, the benefits and risks of the rise of Artificial Intelligence, and felon voting rights. In each unit, you will critically read or view a variety of works on a theme. You will post short writings in class discussion forums to practice analyzing what you read, constructing an argument, and citing sources. The short assignments will also help you construct longer essays for each unit. You will discuss issues and share your perspectives on them with your peers; this will require everyone to follow the same assignment schedule.

Democracy and scholarship are both strengthened by healthy debate. ENG 112 will help you to analyze complex ideas, form your own opinions, and then express and defend them in writing. With these abilities, and the knowledge you gain in your other courses, you will be capable of taking part in literate discussions of issues in your field of study and in society at large.


The following are required for entry into this course:

If you feel you lack any of these, please contact your instructor immediately.