Textbook and Materials

The required textbooks for this course are:

Long Goodbye (Large Format), 53rd edition

By: Chandler

Publisher: PENG RAND

ISBN: 9780394757681

Evil Under the Sun, 11th edition

By: Christie

Publisher: HARP PUB

ISBN: 9780062073938

Devil in a Blue Dress

By: Mosley, Walter

Publisher: Washington Square Press

ISBN-10: 0743451791

ISBN-13: 978-0330321143

**NOVA Online & Testing Center Policy: You may NOT bring in a Kindle or other electronic reader to the exam. If you have purchased the texts only electronically for the course, please also purchase them in paper copy or check them out of the library for the exam. Plan ahead and please be aware that library copies may be unavailable in your area or checked out by other students.