Here is an overview of all of the different types of assignments in the course. You can find the detailed directions for the assignments and the grading rubrics in the module where they are assigned.

My Programming Labs

My Programming Labs is a reinforcement and learning tool for both concepts and small programming techniques. It is designed to drive success when you complete your programming projects (you should complete these for each chapter/section before starting your programming projects). My Programming Labs is available online at The resource code to register for and log into this site was bundled with your textbook, or you must purchase it separately. Please check your WELCOME MODULE to find the Course ID provided by your instructor.

Programming Project

Students will work on a variety of programming projects throughout the course. Some weeks will require completion of 2 programming projects, others may only require completion of one.

Chapter Quizzes

Each chapter will have a quiz to reinforce the concepts from your readings. The questions will be true/false, multiple-choice and you will receive a grade once you have completed it from your home workstation.

MidTerm & Final - Proctored Assessments

A midterm and final proctored assessments will cover course material to reinforce the readings and programming concepts. Questions will consist of true/false and multiple-choice questions. These are proctored assessments with no notes allowed. You will receive your grade upon completion of each assessment.