Course Grades

Your course grade will be determined according to the following assignments, points, and percentages.

Assigment Percentage
(15) Programming Assignments (XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, and PHP) of which (14) Assignments count 50 points each and (1) Assignment counts 100 points. 41.5%
(16) Discussion Forums count 10 points each. 8.3%
(16) Quizzes count 10 points each. 8.8%
Midterm (Proctored Assessment) 20.7%
Final (Proctored Assessment) 20.7%
TOTAL 100%

Grading Scale

NOVA Online proctored or major assessments are required to maintain compliance with our accreditation standards and the Higher Education Act’s identity verification requirements for online courses. College-wide, proctored or major assessments must prove identity. To accomplish this in online courses, students must show overall passing levels on the proctored or major assessments in order to pass the course.

In this online course, if your average score on all proctored or major assessments is a passing percentage of 60 percent or higher, then your grade will be calculated according to the scale in the table below. Otherwise, a final grade of F will be assigned.

Your final grade will be based on the following scale.

Grade Points
A 1737-1930
B 1544-1736
C 1351-1543
D 1158-1350
F 0-1157