Here is an overview of all of the different types of instructional materials and learning activities in the course. You can find the detailed directions for the assignments and the grading rubrics in the module where they are assigned.

The Textbook Reading and PowerPoint Presentations:

All the textbook readings and PowerPoint presentations can be found in each chapter in Assignments. They provide you with essential content knowledge of the course.

WebAssign Tasks:

In addition to the chapter readings from the textbook, this course also uses WebAssign, which provides you with powerful online instructional materials, video tutorials, homework, practice exercises, and quizzes. The tasks in WebAssign are not optional since we have designed some learning activities to go with them.

Discussion Activities:

When you are working on your homework assignment in WebAssign, you may experience difficulty with some problems. you are required to use the Discussion Board forums for each week's homework problems from WebAssign to work with other students in this course to study, ask questions, etc. You must post one worked out homework problem as a pdf file in the Discussion Board forum for each week. This counts as the Participation part of your grade, and it is not graded for accuracy, just effort. Respond to your fellow students' posts, as well.


The reading and viewing assignments contain critical information for doing well on graded assignments in the class, but are not graded. The homework assignment in WebAssign is graded. All the homework from WebAssign is worth 15% of your course grade. Each discussion homework is also graded for 2 points and it counts as the participation part of your grade, which is worth 5% of your course grade.