Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC) faculty, staff, and administrators communicate with students through their official NVCC email accounts ( Students are likewise required to use their VCCS email accounts ( to communicate with instructors and other college personnel and should check their email accounts regularly. You are required to use this email account for any course-related email communication so that we can ensure your privacy as required by law. If you don't know your VCCS email address, go to My NOVA and look for your address.

To log on to your email account and check for mail, go to the Email Login Page. Enter your complete email address as your user name. Use the same password as you use to log into VCCS systems (your date of birth in MMDDYY format, or your current password if you have changed it). If you need help, refer to the instructions on using student email.

Your email is how your instructor will inform you of grades; approaching due dates; or other private, course-related information. The instructor will also reply to your emails at your VCCS account and will not accept or respond to email sent by you from any account other than the one provided by the VCCS.