Research shows that students are most successful with distance education when they start their coursework on time and make steady progress. Refer to the chart to determine at least how many hours you should expect to spend on the assignments in the course according to the length of your section.

Weekly Study Time for Online Learning
Course Length 1 Credit 2 Credits 3 Credits 4 Credits 5 Credits
6-week 5-8 hours/week 10-16 hours/week 16-24 hours/week 21-32 hours/week 26-40 hours/week
8-week 4-6 hours/week 8-12 hours/week 12-18 hours/week 16-24 hours/week 20-30 hours/week
10-week 4-5 hours/week 7-10 hours/week 10-15 hours/week 13-20 hours/week 17-25 hours/week
12-week 3-4 hours/week 6-8 hours/week 8-12 hours/week 11-16 hours/week 14-20 hours/week
16-week 2-3 hours/week 4-6 hours/week 6-9 hours/week 8-12 hours/week 10-15 hours/week

To help you do this, please follow the due dates in the Course Summary (Assignment Schedule and Critical Dates) section below. Submit one assignment at a time.