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ART 101: History and Appreciation of Art I

This class is intended as an introduction to the History of Art from the birth of art to the Middle Ages. You will learn the vocabulary of art history as well as how architecture and art reflect their historical contexts. 

You will learn through the required readings and power point lectures, additional online resources, and the development of your own research topics.

What you learn in this course will help you to appreciate works of art. It is our intention that you leave this class with a greater understanding of art and architecture and are able to take greater pleasure in the art that surrounds us every day.


If you complete this course and do well, you will be able to:

  • Identify major artists and/or works of art

  • Distinguish art historical periods and recognize their stylistic traits

  • Develop a formal vocabulary to describe art

  • Recognize the media and techniques used to create a work of art and explain their significance
  • Critically evaluate works of art within their historical context.


Your course grade will be determined by your performance on the following requirements:

Requirement Points Assigned (550 Total)
4 Exams 400 pts (100 pts each)
1 Research Essay 125 pts
1 Research Powerpoint 100 pts
6 Discussions 150 pts (25 pts each)
1 Art Analysis 40 pts
16 Quizzes 160 pts (10 pts each)
Introduction Activity 25 pts
 Total 1000 pts

Your final grade will be based on the following scale. Please note that you must also pass at least 2 of the 4 exams in order to pass the course, regardless of your scores on the other assignments.

Grade Points Percent
A 900-1000 90-100
B 800-899 80-89
C 700-799 70-79
D 600-699 60-69
F 0-599 0-59

There are 4 exams in this course.

ELI Policies and Procedures
Beginning the Course

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