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BSK1: Basic Skills - Developmental Mathematics (1 Credits)

The purpose of this course is to develop competency in the skills that are necessary to succeed in college-level mathematics courses.  This course does not count as credit for any degree or certificate at NOVA.

This is a personalized instruction course.  This course will allow you to skip sections of material in which you already can demonstrate competency and concentrate on the material in which you have difficulties.  You will work through a structured set of activities under the close guidance and support of your instructor and other instructors in the Online Math Lab.  There will be additional instructions about the Online Math Lab in the BB course site.

To be successful, you will need to spend several hours working on the course activities.  Your success in this course will be enhanced by the amount of time you spend doing math.

If you do well in this course, you should be able to place into the credit math course needed for your program of study.


You must have an access code to MyLabsPlus. In this course, you will be using MyMathLab which is an online textbook-based diagnostic evaluation and tutorial program designed specifically for this course.  It includes an electronic copy of the class textbook, a variety of multimedia instructional resources, unlimited practice exercises, self-paced learning modules, online testing, and an individualized study plan. MyMathLab is supported and maintained by the publisher’s web server and the required plug-ins for this tool are standard.   MyMathLab is delivered inside a web-based course delivery system called MyLabsPlus. 


Your course grade will be determined by the completion of assignments, according to the following percentages.

AssignmentPercentage of Grade
Homework Assignments30
Tests 35

On each homework assignment, quiz and test, the highest score that you achieve from all of your attempts will be the score used in your final grade calculation.

Your final grade will be based on which MTT course you are taking and the number of units you complete. See the Grading, Withdrawals, and Incompletes folder in the Syllabus in the Blackboard course site for the requirements for the following grades:

  • 'S' grade (Satisfactory)
  • 'R' grade (Re-enroll)
  • 'U' grade (Unsatisfactory)

Required Units for Credit Courses:

  • Completion of Units 0 2 is required for Math 103, 126.
  • Completion of Units 0 5 is required for Math 150, 151, 152, 157.
  • Completion of Units 0 6 is required for Math 115, 181.
  • Completion of Units 0 9 is required for Math 163, 166.

Unit pre- and post-tests must be proctored. Module quizzes are not proctored and will be taken at home.

ELI Policies and Procedures
Beginning the Course

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