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CHD 118 : Language Arts for Young Children (3 Credits)
Instructor: Dr. Christine Schull


Welcome to CHD 118, offered by the Extended Learning Institute of Northern Virginia Community College.

In this course, you will learn about ways to enhance language arts and literacy with young children.

Work in this course will require your participation in a variety of ways. First, the course is writing intensive with assignments ranging from short paragraphs to longer, more formal reflections. You will submit electronic assignments as described under each class homework assignment as well as book summaries covering six types of books. Second, you will develop a lesson plan in which you relate course content to the application of language arts activities in a young child’s classroom. Third, you will develop a power point presentation that outlines your lesson plan and post it for your classmates to also use as a resource. Fourth, you will complete an observation of a child completing a language arts activity. This observation must be with a child that you are not related to, or live with. Finally, you will have a mid-term and final examination, both of which will be Open Book.

Course Description

To develop the student’s skills in preparing and evaluating preschool language arts activities in the areas of listening, speaking, pre-reading/reading, and pre-writing/writing. This course is designed for educators involved with children, from ages birth to 5 years, in an early childhood setting. This course will take place online and internet access is required.




If you complete this course and do well, you will be able to:

  • develop various teaching strategies to promote the development of language skills in young children.
  • develop materials and activities suitable for supporting children’s developing communication skills.
  • evaluate and demonstrate use of appropriate books and media material for children.
  • identify and plan from knowledge of stages of language development in young children.
  • develop and practice using techniques to assess children’s language development






Your course grade will be determined according to the following:

Course Requirements for CHD 118

Class Participation-10% of final grade

Class participation is a graded component of this class. Students are expected to participate in class discussions which include whole group or small group sessions. .

Students are responsible for reading all required assignments from the text as well as any extra reading assignments made by the instructor. It is important to keep up with your reading assignments so that you will be able to participate in class discussions.

Written Assignments

1. Book Summaries and Reflections (15% of final grade): Students will read books covering different language goals. Write a summary of the book that clearly explains the language goal and how you recognized that it was being presented. Write a personal reflection about the book and include what ages are best targeted through the use of the book. Your reflections should be posted online on the Blackboard site so that other people can hear about your findings. You are also responsible for responding to others. Write a book summary and respond to a book summary for each category of book listed here:

a. Alphabet/alphabet sounds

b. Rhyming and poetry

c. Bibliotherapy

d. Creativity/Fantastical Stories

e. Non-Fiction

f. Diversity

g. Child participation

2. Lesson Plan (15% of final grade): Students will select a language goal from the textbook that integrates a language arts learning concept across the curriculum. Students will develop a lesson plan that:

a. Has a clearly defined language objective

b. Uses a particular book

c. Has a hands-on component

d. Is thematic

e. Has two different follow-up activities for children to practice the goal

f. Has a component for parents to complete at home to reinforce the concept

3. Presentation (10% of final grade)

Students will present lesson plants using Power Point to classmates. Students must print out handouts for all other students in the class.

4. Observation (10% of final grade): Students will observe a child ranging in age from 2-6 years old completing a language arts activity. Guidelines will be discussed in class.

Midterm and Final Exam (20% each)

Both exams will consist of information from the text, class lectures and class discussions. The exams may include true/false, matching, multiple-choice, short answer, and essay. Both exams are open book and notes. The midterm exam will cover chapters 1-10 (20%) and the final (20%) covers chapters 11-19


Your final grade will be based on the following scale. Please note that you must also pass both exams in order to pass the course, regardless of your scores on the other assignments.





225 - 250



200 - 224



175 - 199



150 - 174



Below - 149





There are four (4) online proctored exams in this course that are password protected and must be taken at one of the NVCC campus Testing Centers. Be sure to allow enough time to complete your exam before the Testing Center closes; Testing Centers have specific policies relating to the administration of ELI exams. You will need to take a photo ID, your NovaConnect empl ID number, and the appropriate Exam Pass when you go to the Testing Center.  

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ELI Policies and Procedures

  This is an Extended Learning Institute (ELI) course. ELI courses differ from campus courses in several important ways, including enrollment dates, communication with faculty, assignment completion requirements, and exams. You must follow ELI's policies and procedures if you take this course. Read (or review) ELI's Policies and Procedures before you begin the course. If you have questions, call ELI at (703) 323-3347 or (888) 435-6822.

Contacting the Instructor


I am here to help you succeed in this course. Occasionally questions or problems may arise. Here is how to contacI am here to help you succeed in this course. Although we will interact regularly on your assignments and exams, occasional questions or problems may arise. Here's how to contact me when they do.

  • BY EMAIL: cschull@nvcc.edu
  • BY CAMPUS TELEPHONE (also voice mail): 703-257-6514

You may also call me to schedule a meeting in person.


Beginning the Course


1. Use your web browser to connect to http://www.nvcc.edu/bbstart. Follow the directions to determine your email, Blackboard and VIVA account user names and passwords.
2. Access your email account and make sure you know how to use it; you will be required to use this account for all course-related email.
3. Log on to Blackboard at http://learn.vccs.edu.
4. Click on this course under "My Courses." Review the entire course to make sure you understand what will be required of you. Then start completing the assignments.

Please note that account generation takes approximately one week from the time of your paid registration. If you cannot log on after one week, contact the IT Help Desk. If you can log on to Blackboard, but your course isn't listed, please contact ELI or your instructor.