Course Grading

Your course grade will be determined by your performance on the following assignments:

Assignments Points
3 Exams at 100 pts each 300 pts
Discussion Forums 100 pts
Supersite 50 pts
Oral Assignments 25 pts
Galerie Projects 25 pts
Additional Points
  • Online Tutoring or Language Exchange (20 pts)
  • Le Café (20 pts)
  • Online Communication (20 pts)
60 pts
Total 500 pts

Grade Scale

You are encouraged to do all activities with the potential of earning a maximum of 500 points. You must complete everything that is listed above as required, but you have some flexibility on what to choose for your remaining points. Important Note: Although it is mathematically possible to earn 400 points without doing some 20 point items, you must complete everything marked required. If you fail to complete a required category, up to twenty points will be subtracted from your final grade for each missing category.

I encourage you to take advantage of all opportunities above as the more time on task, the better your French will be. The language exchanges and online tutoring will really improve your ability to communicate in French, so do not miss out! Questions? Email me!

NOVA Online courses have a requirement for proctored assessments to maintain compliance with our accreditation standards and the Higher Education Act’s identify verification requirements for online courses. College-wide, proctored assessments prove identity so students must show overall passing levels on the proctored assessments in order to pass an online course. In this online course, the average of all proctored assessment scores must be a passing percentage (above 60 percent) in order for you to pass the course regardless of your scores on other graded activities. Please contact your instructor if you require any clarification on this proctored exam policy.

Your final grade will be based on the scale listed below.

Grade Points
A 450-500 pts
B 400-449 pts
C 350-399 pts
D 300-349 pts
F Below 348 pts