In order to successfully complete this course, you must demonstrate your understanding of the course materials by:

Here is an overview of all of the different types of assignments in the course. You can find detailed directions for the assignments and the grading criteria in the module where they are assigned.

Interactive Activities

The interactive activities provide you with an opportunity to reflect on the grammatical, cultural and interpersonal assignments in each module and on Portales. They will also prepare you for the quizzes and the proctored assessments. In each lesson on Portales, you will interact orally with virtual partners and classmates in synchronous activities via the Partner Chats. Our online class meetings will give you the opportunity to meet with your instructor and classmates synchronously to practice interpersonal communication skills. Finally, there will be a Cultural Reflection Activity in each lesson where you will interact with classmates via written language. These written responses on the Cultural Reflection Activities are required to be thoughtful, reflective, and concise.

Portales Activities


There are quizzes for lessons 1, 3 and 5. They are designed to prepare you for the proctored exams.

Proctored Exams

There are 3 written proctored exams in this course.  Each exam will contain sections that test listening comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, writing, and cultural awareness. This will be worth 100 points each. You will have 90 minutes to complete Exams 1 and 2 and 100 minutes to complete Exam 3

You need to schedule an online meeting time with your instructor for the 3 oral exams. You should take the oral exams in a quiet, private environment without distractions. The oral exams are also worth 100 points each. We will use Zoom for oral exams.