Required Textbooks and Materials

The required textbook is listed below, in addition to all required course materials. To purchase the textbook and any related course materials, please follow the instructions listed below under Acquiring Textbooks and Course Materials.

Portales 2.0 website provides all the lessons, tutorials, practice, videos, quizzes, exams, etc. that you'll need to complete this course. You can print all the Portales web pages.

NOTE: If you have purchased a Portales 1 code and it is still active, you do not need to purchase Portales 2.0. Please notify your instructor so they can upgrade your active Portales 1 account for free. 

You must activate your Portales account on (Links to an external site.) in order to access the assignments for this course.

Vista Higher Learning offers a two-week grace period that allows you to access Portales for two weeks free of charge. This is a helpful way to keep up with your assignments while you wait for the funds needed to purchase the text. See Student Grace Period Instructions to begin your free access to Portales.

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Additional Course Materials