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BUS 111: Principles of Supervision (3 Credits)
Multiple Instructors


This course is available in 16, 12, and 8-week formats. This course teaches the fundamentals of supervision, including the primary responsibilities of the supervisor. Introduces factors relating to the work of supervisor and subordinates. It covers aspects of leadership, job management, work improvement, training and orientation, performance evaluation, and effective employee/supervisor relationships.

This course is introductory in that it assumes no previous managerial knowledge.  In order for us to have good discussion and collaboration on supervisory management concepts, everyone needs to follow the same twelve week summer schedule.  Unless otherwise stated, all assignments are due by the end of the week in which they are assigned. To guide you through course, an overview, assignments schedule, and course information are detailed (Click on the icon labeled course information, communication, course documents, etc.).  

Major topics to be covered include:

  • The roles of the supervisor
  • Setting objectives, decision making and planning
  • Motivation, leadership, and communication
  • Control and performance appraisal
  • Employee selection and training
  • Problem employees and discipline

Optional topics to be covered can include:

  • Labor relations
  • EEO and Affirmative Action



There are no prerequisites for this course. However, the abilities to read, comprehend, and analyze material written at a college level; to write and present ideas using standard English; and to be knowledgeable about the Internet and Blackboard are highly recommended.

If you do well in this course, you will be able to:

  1. Understand the operating roles of the supervisor.
  2. Formulate objectives, make action plans, and assign tasks.
  3. Understand motivation and effective leadership.
  4. Set standards and evaluate performance.
  5. Recognize the need for training and organize on-the-job training as appropriate.
  6. Understand techniques for communicating, managing conflict, and administering discipline.




This section describes how your course grade will be determined.

Exams (3)

150 points (50 each)

Graded Assignments (13)

150 points (10-30 points each)

Total Points

300 points



270-- 300 points


240 - 269 points


210 - 239 points


180 - 209 points


Below 179 points




There are three (3) online exams in this course: Exam 1 is an at-home exam. Exams 2 and 3 are proctored and can be taken at one of the NVCC campus Testing Centers, ProctorU, or with an approved proctor.


ELI Policies and Procedures


Contacting the Instructor


I am here to help you succeed in this course. Occasionally questions or problems may arise. Here is how to contact me when they do:

E-mail: jpartlow@nvcc.edu
Telephone: (703) 323-2000, ext. 27617


Beginning the Course


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