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ECO 202: Principles of Microeconomics - 3 Credits
Professors: Robert Barr, Dennis Bradshaw, Ron Earley, Clinton McCully, John Min


The purpose of this course is to enhance your understanding of the economic system in the United States. This will be accomplished by developing your ability to interpret and analyze, as an economist would, economic problems and circumstances. The economist's tools of analysis will be presented in the context of typical historical or present day economic situations. The course will also present alternative viewpoints when there is significant controversy as to the correct economic interpretation.

Economic events and problems such as inflation and unemployment continuously affect our lives. A basic understanding of them will enable you to anticipate and take the logical steps necessary to deal effectively with their consequences. In addition such knowledge allows each of us as citizens to critically evaluate government's economic programs and policies addressed to these situations. 

*Note: This course requires completing assignments on a fixed weekly schedule and requires online collaboration in group assignments.




If you do well in this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the accepted body of principles which are the foundation of economic thought.
  • Understand the operation of the American economic system.
  • Use conceptual tools and analysis to interpret the measures and objectives of households and firms.
  • Assume a role as a well-informed citizen in the community. 




Your course grade will be determined by the introductory letter, discussion forum, 6 quizzes, 3 exams, according to the following points:

Aplia Problem sets
Discussion Forums
Aplia Exams (3)
Proctored Events (2)

Grading Scale
900-1000 pts
800-899 pts
700-799 pts
600-699 pts
0-599 pts



There are five (5) online exams in this course. You are expected to take two (2) of your examinations at one of the NVCC campus Testing Centers, and three at-home in Aplia. Be sure to allow enough time to complete your exam before the Testing Center closes; Testing Centers have specific policies relating to the administration of ELI exams. You will need to take a photo ID, your NovaConnect empl ID number, and the appropriate Exam Pass when you go to the Testing Center.  

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ELI Policies and Procedures

This is an Extended Learning Institute (ELI) course. ELI courses differ from campus courses in several important ways, including enrollment dates, communication with faculty, assignment completion requirements, and exams. You must follow ELI's policies and procedures if you take this course. Read (or review) ELI's Policies and Procedures before you begin the course. If you have questions, call ELI at (703) 323-3347 or (888) 435-6822.

Contacting the Instructor


I am here to help you succeed in this course. Occasionally questions or problems may arise. Here is how to contact me when they do:

E-mail: rearley@nvcc.edu, Telephone : (703) 323-3261
E-mail: dbradshaw@nvcc.edu, Telephone: (703) 402-3417
E-mail: cmccully@nvcc.edu, Telephone: (571) 594-4250
E-mail: rbarr@nvcc.edu, Telephone: (703) 825-7463
E-mail: jmin@nvcc.edu. Telephone: (703) 845-6314

You may also call your instructor to schedule a meeting in person.


Beginning the Course


1. Use your web browser to connect to http://www.nvcc.edu/bbstart. Follow the directions to determine your email, Blackboard and VIVA account user names and passwords.
2. Access your email account and make sure you know how to use it; you will be required to use this account for all course-related email.
3. Log on to Blackboard at http://nvcc.my.vccs.edu.
4. Click on this course under "My Courses." Review the entire course to make sure you understand what will be required of you. Then start completing the assignments.

Please note that account generation takes approximately one week from the time of your paid registration. If you cannot log on after one week, contact the IT Help Desk. If you can log on to Blackboard, but your course isn't listed, please contact ELI or your instructor.