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EDU 287: Instructional Design for Online Learning (IDOL) 3 cr.


Introduces educators to instructional design practices including the ASSURE Model of instructional design and Quality Matters™ standards. The course will prepare educators to design content, peer review courses, and create activities that encourage active learning and student participation in the online environment. IDOL is a ten-week online course. 

This course complements EDU 285, which addresses the roles and tasks of the online teacher.  EDU 285 and 287 may be taken in any sequence.


This is a three-credit course compressed into ten weeks; expect to spend the equivalent of about two days a week on course work. Because many of the assignments involve discussion and other forms of collaboration, assignments are completed on a weekly schedule, with some mid-week due dates.

EDU 287 is offered each Fall and Spring semester.


This course is for teaching faculty familiar with Blackboard. Permission of the instructor is required.


Registration is restricted, so you cannot self-register.  You must send a registration request to the ELI Registrar. The procedure differs depending on how you will pay for the course. Free tuition is available for full-time NOVA faculty and for adjunct NOVA faculty who have taught at least two semesters and will teach the semester they take EDU 287.

How to register if your are paying the tuition yourself

  1. Apply for admission to NOVA as a student (http://www.nvcc.edu/novaconnect/student/hdi-apply.htm).
  2. Send your NOVA student id and request for registration in EDU 287 to Jayne Townend, ELI Registrar (jtownend@nvcc.edu, 703-323-3523).
  3. Pay your tuition as soon as you are registered.

How to register if you are requesting free tuition (NOVA faculty only)

  1. Confirm that you qualify for free tuition by consulting NOVA’s tuition assistance policy:
    NOVA web site > Faculty & Staff > Human Resources > Professional Development > Faculty Tuition Assistance Policy.
  2. Submit an Employee Educational Assistance Request form (Form 105-43) to HR.
  3. Apply for admission to NOVA as a student (http://www.nvcc.edu/novaconnect/student/hdi-apply.htm).
  4. Send your request for registration in EDU 287, your NOVA student id, and a copy of your HR-approved Form 105-43 to Jayne Townend, ELI Registrar (jtownend@nvcc.edu, 703-323-352
Graduate Credit

Graduate credit is not currently available. ODU is reviewing this program. We will inform you if the graduate credit program is re-instated.




If you successfully complete the course, you should be able to

  • Identify the six steps of the ASSURE model and explain how each step is used in designing elements for online courses
  • Summarize the eight General Review Standards of the Quality Matters™ rubric
  • Use the ASSURE process to design learning modules that meet the  standards of the Quality Matters™ rubric
  • Write course-level and module-level learning objectives that are observable and measurable
  • Apply the concept of alignment to ensure that assessment and measurement, resources and materials, learner interaction, and multimedia technology all directly support given learning objectives
  • Identify basic principles of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and apply them to make a course and the learning materials in it accessible
  • Identify the three forms of learner interaction within an online course and design activities which foster learner-learner interaction
  • Select and create multimedia elements and materials to support given learning objectives
  • Design assessment strategies that assess student progress toward given learning objectives
  • Analyze and draw implications for course design from your own online learning experiences



Assignments Points Percentage of Grade
8 discussion activities
27 %
3 written assignments
13 %
2 quizzes
5 %
7 course design project assignments
43 %
7 journal entries
3 %
Self-reflection paper
9 %
100 %

You must complete ALL assignments and achieve a minimum of 880 points (80%) in order to successfully pass this course.

Grade Points Percent
A 990 - 1100 90-100
B 880 - 989 80-89



There are no proctored exams in this course.


ELI Policies and Procedures


Beginning the Course


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