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EGR 265 Digital Electronics and Logic Design - 4 credits

This course teaches number representation in digital systems; Boolean algebra; design of digital circuits, including gates, flip-flops, counters, registers, architecture, microprocessors, and input-output devices.


If you complete this course and do well, you will be able to:

  • Design logical circuits at the Boolean function level
  • Reconize logical circuit designs in modern digital electronic integrated circuit building blocks
  • Identify the architecture and circuitry of microprocessors
  • Build digital circuits in Multisum and laboratory

Your course grade will be determined by Lab Assignments, Quizzes, Team Project, Midterm Exam and Final Exam , according to the following percentages.

Assignment Points Percentage of Grade
Lab Assignments 22 22%
Quizzes 24 24%
Team Project 10 10%
Midterm Exam 22 22%
Final Exam 22 22%

Your final grade will be based on the following scale. Please note that you must also pass at least 50% of the Midterm and Final exams in order to pass the course, regardless of your scores on the other assignments.

Grade Points Percent
A 90-100 90-100
B 80-89.99 80-89.99
C 70-79.99 70-79.99
D 60-69.99 60-69.99
F 0-59.99 0-59.99



There are exams in this course. The exams are on line and must be taken at a campus testing center.

ELI Policies and Procedures
Beginning the Course

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