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ESL 32: Reading I (5 Credits)

This course is designed to help you improve your reading proficiency for academic work.  You will develop your vocabulary, your speed, and your ability to comprehend what you read.  You will do this through reading your textbooks and completing many kinds of practice exercises.  You will also read a novel, The Giver, and discuss the meaning of it with your classmates.


If you do well in this course, you will be able to:

  1. Acquire the reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills necessary for high intermediate ESL reading courses and some other college courses
  2. Integrate your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills for thinking and learning
  3. Be an active, independent learner able to apply integrated strategies to reading tasks
  4. Increase your self-confidence in your ability to be an effective reader
  5. Understand the role of reading in your academic, professional, and personal life

Possible Assignments Include: (Subject to change each semester. The actual assignments are available in the Syllabus in the Blackboard course site on the first day of classes.)

Percentage of Grade
Class assignments (pre-course exam, quizzes, journal entries, discussions, surveys, and documents)
Exam 1 5
Exam 2 25
Final Exam 30

Your final grade will be based on the following scale.  Please note that you must achieve a 75% average for both the class assignments, and for the course as a whole, to earn a satisfactory grade.

Grading Scale
75 - 100 %
0 - 74 %

There are 4 exams in this course. One exam is taken at home; the other three exams are proctored.

ELI Policies and Procedures
Beginning the Course

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