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ESL 52: ESL Reading III - 5 Credits

ESL Reading III is an advanced level ESL course. Emphasis is placed on reading development and research. Students may re-register for this course in subsequent semesters as necessary until they complete the course objectives. If a student must repeat this course for a third time, he/she will have to obtain the signature of the Dean on his/her campus before registering.

This course requires competency in reading as indicated by the placement test or by teacher recommendation from a previous level.


Using entry-level college reading materials, you will improve your comprehension skills, develop your vocabulary, and analyze reading selections.

Upon completing this course, you will:

  1. Acquire the reading skills necessary to succeed in the reading related requirements of entry-level college credit courses. Using entry-level college reading materials, you will be able to:
    • Relate new information to prior knowledge.
    • Make predictions about the content of materials they are given to read.
    • Skim and scan for specific reading purposes.
    • Differentiate main ideas from major and minor supporting details in written materials.
    • Recognize text patterns.
    • Draw valid conclusions from a variety of graphic aids such as maps, charts, graphs, and diagrams.
    • Demonstrate increased word power on a continuous basis by successfully using context clues, the dictionary, and their knowledge of word parts.
    • Make inferences
  2. Integrate your reading and writing skills to promote thinking and learning. Using entry-level college reading materials, you will be able to:
    • Define the reading processes.
    • Comprehend the literal meaning in different types of readings for different purposes.
    • Paraphrase and summarize text without plagiarizing or changing the substantive meanings.
  3. Be active, independent learners able to apply integrated learning strategies appropriate to the reading-related task. Using entry-level college reading materials, you will be able to:
    • Differentiate among most facts, opinions, assumptions.
    • Understand inferences in reading and writing.
    • Identify the kind of information you need, locate the resources that have it, and retrieve it from them so that you can share it with others in an organized way when given a particular topic.
    • Demonstrate the ability to draw valid conclusions from a variety of reading tasks.
  4. Increase your self-confidence in your ability to be effective readers. Using entry level college reading materials, you will be able to:
    • Contribute successfully as members of an academic learning-study group.
    • Develop goal-setting strategies for academic success.
    • Identify individual strengths in reading.
  5. Understand the role of reading in your academic, professional, and personal lives.

Other materials _______________delete this line if there is no other materials.


To pass this course, you must complete ALL assignments and achieve a minimum of 780 of the 1000 points (78%). Simply receiving 780 points will not be adequate if you do not complete all the assignments. Because course feedback is of utmost importance, you are also asked to complete the evaluation at the end of the course.  

Because many of the assignments in this course involve discussion or collaboration with your classmates, it's important that everyone follow the same schedule. Assignments are due by the end of the week unless otherwise noted. I consider 11:59 pm on Sunday to be the end of a week for this course. Some assignments require completion on a specific day of the week. If your work is late (and you have not made prior arrangements with me), a grade penalty of 10% each day will be enforced.

Discussion Forums 120
Combined Skills Exercises 20
Combined Skills Test 10
Mastery Tests 50
Annotated Bibliography 100
Review Tests 35
Online Vocabulary Exercises 50
Vocabulary Sentences 100
Vocabulary Tests 30
JLC Character Lists 5
JLC Chapter Summaries 32
JLC Quizzes 15
JLC Quotation Assignment 15
JLC Essay Assignment 18
Midterm Exam 200 
Final Exam 200
Total 1000


Your final grade will be either "S" for "Satisfactory" or "R" for " Retake."



1000 - 900


899 - 800






Less than 600



There are 2 exams in this course.

ELI Policies and Procedures
Beginning the Course

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