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GER 202: Intermediate German II (3 Credits)


In GER 202 Intermediate German II, you will further your  listening and reading comprehension of more complex structures. You will refine your reading and writing skills and your learning will encompass aspects of German politics, historical personalities, and events and topics of personal interest.




GER 201, Intermediate German I is a prerequisiste for taking this course. 

If you do well in this course, you will be able to:

    • Read and write about a wide range of topics.
    • Listen to conversations with advanced language patterns.
    • Communicate about political and social topics using sentences with advanced grammatical structures and vocabulary.
    • Increase your knowledge of historical and current events of German-speaking countries.




  • Performance assessment consists of language structure exercises from the textbook, writing assignments based on information gathered from the lesson audiocassette, reading comprehension tasks, listening exercises, speaking assignments, and end-of-chapter tests. All tests and weekly assignments are based on one hundred points and the average of all grades received for tasks constitutes the semester grade.

Grading Scale
900-1000 points
800-899 points
700-799 points
600-699 points
0-599 points





There are four (4) exams in this course. You are expected to take your examinations at one of the NVCC campus Testing Centers. Be sure to allow enough time to complete your exam before the Testing Center closes; Testing Centers have specific policies relating to the administration of ELI exams. You will need to take a photo ID, your NovaConnect empl ID number, and the appropriate Exam Pass when you go to the Testing Center.  

For Testing Center locations, hours of operation and policies, click here.

For information on taking exams outside of the metropolitan area, click here.



ELI Policies and Procedures

  This is an Extended Learning Institute (ELI) course. ELI courses differ from campus courses in several important ways, including enrollment dates, communication with faculty, assignment completion requirements, and exams. You must follow ELI's policies and procedures if you take this course. Read (or review) ELI's Policies and Procedures before you begin the course. If you have questions, call ELI at (703) 323-3347 or (888) 435-6822.

Contacting the Instructor


I am here to help you succeed in this course. Occasionally questions or problems may arise. Here is how to contact me when they do:

E-mail : gcarty@nvcc.edu
Telephone :
(703)878-5715 or voicemail at (703) 878-5800, ext. 5-7143.
You may also call me to schedule a meeting in person, either at ELI or my campus office in Woodbridge. 


Beginning the Course


1. Use your web browser to connect to http://www.nvcc.edu/bbstart. Follow the directions to determine your email, Blackboard and VIVA account user names and passwords.
2. Access your email account and make sure you know how to use it; you will be required to use this account for all course-related email.
3. Log on to Blackboard at http://learn.vccs.edu.
4. Click on this course under "My Courses." Review the entire course to make sure you understand what will be required of you. Then start completing the assignments.

Please note that account generation takes approximately one week from the time of your paid registration. If you cannot log on after one week, contact the IT Help Desk. If you can log on to Blackboard, but your course isn't listed, please contact ELI or your instructor.