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LGL 225: Estate Planning & Probate (3 Credits)


Although there are no prerequisites for this course, proficiency in spoken and written English is necessary for successful completion. You should have strong reading skills also!

If you are comfortable sending emails and performing Internet searches, you will be able to handle the "on line" part of this class. The text, exams and assignments are the same ones used in traditional sit-down sections of this course.




If you do well in this course, you will be able to:

  1. list several different ways of passing property upon death, and to explain the primary advantages and disadvantages of each.
  2. distinguish estates requiring tax planning from those that do not.
  3. list the legal protections afforded to a decedent's immediate family members, and explain the consequences that follow when a decedent's estate plan attempts to undercut his or her family members' rights.
  4. draft an effective simple will.
  5. draft an effective living will and durable power of attorney for health care.
  6. complete the forms necessary to probate a simple estate.
  7. recognize ethical issues in the practice of the law of estate planning and probate.
  8. integrate and apply the knowledge acquired in the course to solve hypothetical problems resembling those which might be presented by clients to a legal professional working in the estate planning and probate field.




As you work through the course, you will see that assignments have been posted for most weeks. Completing these assignments may require you to post your ideas about an assigned topic on the Discussion Board, research a question of law, draft a clause for a will, or complete a probate document. You will be asked to submit your work by using the "Assignment" feature or post them on the Discussion Board.

Please note: THIS IS NOT A SELF-PACED COURSE. You may work ahead; however, assignments are not accepted late.

  • Most discussion forums are 5 points and most assignments are 10 points for a total of 100 points.
  • Wills Assignment is 100 points
  • Two exams will be given during the course.  They will be open book, the first will cover the first four chapters of your textbook and accompanying assignments. The final exam will cover all material from Chapter 9-14  and accompanying assignments. 
  • Exam 1 is 100 points
  • Exam 2 is 100 points
Grading Scale
A 360 - 400 points
B 320 - 359 points
C 280 - 319 points
D 240 - 279 points
F under 240 points




There are 2 exams in this course and a will drafting project. The exams must be taken online at a testing center.


ELI Policies and Procedures


Beginning the Course