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NUR 201 : Psychiatric Nursing


NUR 180 focuses on the nursing care of individuals and/or families throughout their lifespan; experience changes along the health/illness continuum which are common, well-defined, and have predictable outcomes. Content includes math computational skills; basic computer instruction related to the delivery of nursing; assessment and nursing care of the child; nursing care of reproductive health/disorders, pre/intra/postnatal childbearing family. Provides supervised learning experiences in college nursing laboratories and/or cooperating agencies.



  If you do well in this course, you will be able to:

  1. Review independently anatomy and physiology as it relates to appropriate body systems.
  2. Understand objectives that precede each required chapter and incorporate the chapter learning objectives.
  3. Describe nursing themes as they relate to each area of content.
  4. Utilize P&P CD, Black, Wong, and/or Evolve website as related to each chapter.
  5. Demonstrate nursing intervention skills appropriate to this level of practice. 
  6. Describe the role and responsibilities of the nurse in the management of the pre-/intra/Postpartal childbearing family.
  7. Discuss the following concepts:  safety, nutrition, pharmacology, culture, communication, critical thinking, and role of nurses as they relate to client problems studied.




Your course grade will be determined by the assignments and exams, according to the following points:

Points Toward Grade
Clinical Laboratory
Campus Lab Skills
3 Tests (20% each)
Activities & Assignments
Practice Test/Quiz
Final Exam

Grading Scale
85 - 92
78 - 84
71 - 77
Below 71


  1. Students are expected to take tests on the scheduled day, in the assigned testing room, and to be on time.
  2. Students who arrive up to 10 minutes late will only have the remaining time to take the test.  Arriving more than 10 minutes late will require the students to take a make-up test.
  3. If a student is ill or will miss a scheduled test for any reason, the student MUST notify their grade keeper in advance.  If a student needs to take a test at another time, he/she must see the Assistant Dean of Nursing to set up an alternate time.
  4. All nursing tests require a Scantron Sheet (50 questions/side) which can be purchased in either the campus bookstore or the library, and a #2 pencil.-only applies to in person testing.
  5. Four function calculators will be provided.  No books, calculators, cell phones, etc., are allowed during testing.
  6. Grades will be released one week following each test.
  7. Tests may be reviewed with the grade keeper after grades are released and prior to the next scheduled test only.
  8. All make-up tests must be completed within five (5) business days (counting the day the original exam was scheduled) of the missed exam or the student will receive a grade of zero.  .
  9. All make-up tests are given in the testing center on the student’s own time.
  10. Students will receive a grade of zero (0) for the third missed test regardless of the reason for missing the exam.
Drug Dosage Calculation Test (note:  not administered during 2nd 8 weeks of the semester).

All students must pass a drug dosage calculation test each semester.  The drug dosage calculation test will be given during the 2nd week the first rotation of the semester (week of August 30th, 2009 on same day as your scheduled campus lab) for all students in NUR 180 and 201 (See Blackboard for NUR 180 Day/Time and Room Assignments). The minimum passing grade is 90%. Students who fail the test will meet with their grade keeper to make a plan for remediation and retesting.  Failure of the dosage calculation math make-up test results in failure of NUR 180.  Four function calculators will be provided.  Refer to the current Nursing Program Student Handbook for the complete Math Policy.

Final Exam:
  1. Except as noted below, all students must be present at the scheduled time to take the final exam.  The exceptions to this are students who:
  2. Have a class/final exam conflict;
  3. Have a family crisis (illness or death in your immediate family); or
  4. Are ill (requires a physician’s note)
  5. If a student needs to take the final exam at another time due to any of the above reasons, he/she must see the Assistant Dean of Nursing to set up an alternate time.
  6. Students who do not attend the final exam and meet none of the exceptions, or are more than 10 minutes late, will receive a grade of zero on the final exam.

ELI Policies and Procedures

  This is an Extended Learning Institute (ELI) course. ELI courses differ from campus courses in several important ways, including enrollment dates, communication with faculty, assignment completion requirements, and exams. You must follow ELI's policies and procedures if you take this course. Read (or review) ELI's Policies and Procedures before you begin the course. If you have questions, call ELI at (703) 323-3347 or (888) 435-6822.

Beginning the Course


1. Use your web browser to connect to http://www.nvcc.edu/bbstart. Follow the directions to determine your email, Blackboard and VIVA account user names and passwords.
2. Access your email account and make sure you know how to use it; you will be required to use this account for all course-related email.
3. Log on to Blackboard at http://learn.vccs.edu.
4. Click on this course under "My Courses." Review the entire course to make sure you understand what will be required of you. Then start completing the assignments.

Please note that account generation takes approximately one week from the time of your paid registration. If you cannot log on after one week, contact the IT Help Desk. If you can log on to Blackboard, but your course isn't listed, please contact ELI or your instructor.