English 251

Email Information

Dr. Diane Thompson NVCC, ELI

You have been assigned a VCCS email address for use in this and other courses that you take through NVCC or other colleges in the Virginia Community College System (VCCS). The VCCS requires that you use this email account for any course-related email communication so that we can insure your privacy as required by law. 

If you don't know your VCCS email address, go to the Start Page and search for your address. Then, follow the instructions on the Start Page to log on to your email and  Blackboard.

Please check your email regularly. That is how I will inform you of grades, approaching due dates, or other private, course-related information. I will also reply to your emails at your VCCS account. I will not accept or respond to email sent by you from any account other than the one provided by the VCCS.

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