HIS 101
Unit 8:  Charlemagne
Viking Ships

Reconstructed Viking ships, docked so peacefully in Vyburg, Finland.  Charlemagne was a warrior king, and most of his reign was spent in battle with adversaries on the frontiers of his empire as he expanded that empire across Europe.  Charlemagne's most implacable foes included the Vikings from Scandinavia, who used their Viking long boats to constantly threaten the European mainland throughout the eighth and ninth centuries, but it was not until after Charlemagne's death in 815 that the Vikings became a real threat to European mainland society.  Charlemagne's successors did not maintain the expensive fort system that Charlemagne had put in place to prevent the Vikings from sailing up European rivers and raping, pillaging and burning.

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What you must do in this unit
  • Re-read chapter 7 in the textbook espeically the sections on western Europe.
  • Read my notes on Charlemagne.
  • Study the Questions to Consider and the Key Terms for the Unit.
  • Post (or respond) your thoughts/ideas about this unit's reading and assignment in the Blackboard online discussion forum. Do not post your assignment there.
What you can do in this unit Some videos that you can watch for this unit

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