Professors Evans, Blois, Borgiasz, Burson, Clevenger, DelGallo and Munsick
Listen to some further instructions about submitting your assignments electronically as a mp3 file.  You can also read the instructions as a txt file.
Please make sure that you send your assignment to your correct instructor,
Whenever you send an assignment by e-mail, you MUST include on the subject line your course identification, for example, HIS 101, and the name of your assignment, for example, Gilgamesh paper.  (If you do not properly identify your email in the subject line, then do not assume that your email will reach your instructor because of security and virus issues.)  In the body of the e-mail message, you MUST include your name, course, assignment name and format of the assignment, for example, Wordperfect.
Failure to follow these instructions may mean that an assignment will not reach your instructor.  If an email does reach your instructor without the required identifying information, he will return the work ungraded with a request for resubmission in accordance with these instructions for electronic submission of assignments.
Please note also that your instructor will not accept more than one assignment per calendar day.
NOTE 1: Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC) and the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) would like you to use your official VCCS student e-mail account for all submission of assignments because of security and privacy concerns.  You can access your official e-mail account at webmail3.utility.vccs.edu.   Directions for determining your official e-mail address can be found at www.nvcc.edu/bbstart/ or my.vccs.edu/.  Student technical support information is at www.nvcc.vccs.edu/ithelpdesk/studentservices/.
NOTE 2: Please do not send e-mail messages as a *.zip file.  Such email will be returned to you unread.
NOTE 3: Microsoft "Works"-type documents present a special problem, since Microsoft Word will not always recognize a "Works" document.  If you use Microsoft "Works," please save and attach your file as a Word or *.rtf file.
You may submit your assignments to me in the following ways.
Short Paragraph Assignments:
  • By e-mail by either typing the paper in your e-mail editor or using a "cut-and-paste" technique.
  • You may also use the following e-mail link
    • (Clicking on the link will reveal a text entry box where you can type your response.  Please include your e-mail address).  For example, cevans@nvcc.edu
Paper Assignments:
  • Please send as an attachment to an e-mail message.  When attaching a file, please indicate in your e-mail message your name, course, the name of the assignment and the particular file format of the assignment.  The order of preference of file formats is WordPerfect, Word, RTF, ASCII or ANSII.  If you are using a Mac word processor, try to save and attach your file as one of these windows formats.  If you cannot do so, please contact your instructor.
Introduction Assignment:
  • Please send either as an e-mail message or as an attachment (using the above directions).
  • Once you have sent an assignment to your instructor via e-mail, you can expect a response in 24-72 hours.  If you do not get a reply after about three days, please contact your instructor to confirm receipt of the assignment.
  • The response to an assignment will consist of critical comments on the assignment, including any notes of writing style mistakes (Usually, specific grammatical/editing comments are not made unless they are few in number.), and a numerical grade.

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