Saddam Hussein; source
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Saddam Hussein's Crimes
  • Arrest of hundreds of Iraqi Islamic activists and the execution of five religious leaders in 1974 as chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council.
  • The execution of 21 Ba’ath Party leaders in 1979 in Iraq.
  • Unprovoked attack on Iran in 1980.
  • The arrest, torture, and execution of Ayatollah Mohamad baqir Al Sadr and his sister Amina Al in 1980.
  • During the Iran-Iraq war Hussein used chemical weapons and summarily executed thousands of Iranian prisoners of war.
  • The arrest of 90 members of the Al Hakim family and the execution of 16 members of that family in 1983.
  • During the Anfal campaign Hussein used chemical weapons on Kurdish cities including  Halabja in 1988, in which as many as 5,000 people were killed, mostly civilians.
  • 1990 invasion of Kuwait.
  • Forced deportation of Kurdish and Turkomen families to southern Iraq displacing of 900,000.
  • Entire populations of Marsh Arab and Shi'a Arab villages have been forcibly expelled. Government forces have burned their houses and fields, and demolished houses with bulldozers.  Thousands of civilians were summarily executed.
  • Assassination of opposition figures outside Iraq such Hardan Al Tikriti, former Defense Minister, in Kuwait in 1973; Haj Sahal Al Salman in UAE in 1981; Sami Mahdi and Ni'ma Mohamad in Pakistan in 1987; Sayed Mahdi Al Hakim in Sudan in 1988; and Shaikh Talib Al Suhail in Lebanon in 1994.

Chemical Weapons Casualties; source

Casualties of chemical weapons in Halabja

Chemical Weapons Casualty; source is

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