HIS 241
Final Exam

The final exam will cover all the materials in units 8-15 of the course.

The final will consist of five parts:  map quiz (25 points); five identification questions (50 points); surprise question (25 points); timeline (50 points) and essay (100 points).

In the testing center, you will complete the five identification questions, the surprise question, timeline and the essay using Wordpad on a computer. You will then log into Blackboard to submit that part of the exam and to complete the map quiz part of the exam.

For the Map quiz, you already have a copy of the Russia Outline Map (The printable version, which is a *.jpg file, will be the one used on the exam although the exam copy will be a bit larger.) and the list of HIS 241 Map Items to be located on the map.  On the exam, when you log into Blackboard, you will see a blank map with numbers on it, and you will have to put one of the items for each of the numbers on the map. (I have available a copy of my old study map of Russia, which I have scaled down in size if you wish to use it as a reference.  The original map was about 18X28 which made it much easier to locate the items, but that meant I had to scan pieces of it and then splice the pieces together.).

The identification items will be taken from the Key Terms listed in the units.  In a few sentences of about a paragraph length for each historical term, you will be asked to completely identify that term and note its importance.  See the Sample Test Items.

The surprise question will be taken from the Questions to Consider listed in the units.  The surprise question will require about a long paragraph to complete.

For the time-line, in chronological order, indicate what you would identify as the ten most important events in Russian history. Briefly explain your selection of each event. (You do need to give approximate dates.)

The Essay, approximately two-three pages in length, that you will write in the testing lab is as follows:

At the turn of the twentieth century, Russian statesmen, intellectuals and revolutionaries were contemplating the Russian condition and developing competing views for the future of Russia.  You should analyze Russia's condition circa 1900-1910, identifying some of Russia's strengths and weaknesses and noting some of the problems that Russia faced.  Given your knowledge of Russian history up to the start of the twentieth century, you should then explain what you think will happen to Russia.

Please take the time to organize your thoughts in a logical manner to support your analysis.  Please be sure to read the short background information about the prospects for Russian reform before you take your exam.

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Directions for Taking the Final Exam

Please review the ELI rules and regulations for examinations and the information on the course page in Blackboard about finding your exam passes and taking the course exams.

If you live outside metropolitan Washington or are incarcerated or handicapped, see the information in the general ELI Policies and Procedures for exam proctors.

Please do not let fear of the exams stop you from completing the course.  If you have great difficulty getting to a Testing Center or are concerned about taking exams, please contact your instructor.

There is no specific time limit, but it is recommended that you allow at least 3 hours to complete the exam.


NOTE: you will see your score for the map quiz immediately. Your instructor will grade the remainder of your exam and post your total score on the Blackboard gradebook. You will also receive feedback on your exam.

The Final is worth a maximum of 250 points.  You must pass the final exam with a grade of "C" (175/250) or better to earn a passing grade of "C" or better in this course.



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