HIS 241 (Spring 2012)
8 Week Course Assignment Schedule
20 February Start Date
Grades are recorded in the gradebook in Blackboard. For an explanation of the critical course deadlines, highlighted on the schedule in bold, please see the course home page.
Week Starts Topic Assignments/Critical course Deadlines Assignment
Due Date
19 February Unit 1: Introduction and Themes in Russian History
Introduction paragraph 8 am
27 February
26 February Unit 2: Origins of Rus'

Primary Chronicle paragraph; Last Refund Date/First Assignment Due Date Deadline (29 February)

8 am
1 March
Unit 3: Rise of Moscow and the Gathering of the Lands  
11 March Unit 4: Ivan IV and the Time of Troubles


Unit 5: Peter the Great Inheritance paragraph 8 am
19 March
18 March Unit 6: Catherine the Great  
Unit 7: Alexander I and Napoleon Midterm Exam Due Date 26 March 200
25 March Unit 8: The Decembrists Decembrists paragraph; Last Withdrawal Date (29 March) 8 am
29 March
Unit 9: Nicholas I and Official Nationality  
1 April Unit 10: A Marvelous Decade Belinskii paragraph 8 am
5 April
Unit 11: Alexander II and the Great Reforms Turgenev paper 8 am
9 April
8 April Unit 12: The Revolutionary Movement  
Unit 13: A Golden Age of Russian Culture Russian Culture paper 8 am
16 April
15 April Unit 14: Reaction and Modernization under Alexander III and Nicholas II Witte paragraph 8 am
19 April
Unit 15: Whither Russia in the Twentieth Century? Final exam; Course End Date (23 April) 23 April 250
Any Week   Online Discussion (Post ten times during the course.)   50
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The specific assignment deadlines in this course are listed on the course schedule. You may not submit late extra credit work from a course unit. You may submit any of the course assignments, or optional course assignments late, but the maximum point value will then be reduced by one-half.

Course grades are based on the following scale:

  • 1,000-900:  A
  •    899-800:  B
  •    799-700:  C
  •    699-600:  D
  •    599-000:  F

Please remember that you must pass the final exam with a grade of "C" (175/250) or better to earn a passing grade in this course.



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