Notes on St. Basil's Cathedral
These are some more views of St. Basil's Cathedral (more properly titled the Church of the Intercession, Pokrovskii Sobor).  It is actually pretty remarkable that the church has survived intact given its central location on Red Square and the ebb and flow of Russian history (not to mention Stalin).  For more information, see travel information sites such as or There is also an interior panorama of the cathedral done by Declan McCullagh and a Youtube video of the inside of the cathedral. The wiki entry is very good, and so is a gallery of photos on Flickr. For an explanation of the symbolism of the number of domes on a Russian church see Lisa Kies.
St Basil Cathedral 2
St Basil Cathedral 3
St Basil Cathedral 4
St Basil Cathedral 5
St Basil Cathedral 6
St Basil Cathedral 7
St Basil Cathedral 8
St Basil Cathedral 9

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