C.T. Evans
These are some questions that you should ask before you enroll in an online course:
  • Do I know how to use email, especially student email?
  • Can I know how to send an attachment by e-mail?
  • Do I routinely, i.e., daily, check my student e-mail? Or have I set up my student email to forward to another email account that I check regularly?
  • Do I know how to cut and paste text?
  • Am I comfortable reading material on a computer?
  • Am I comfortable listening to material on a computer, usually as a mp3 file?
  • Can I follow links on a web page?  Can I open and close browser windows?
  • Can I use a search engine on the web to find sites of interest to me or useful in the course?
  • Do I know how to use a web-based discussion?  If not, am I willing to learn?  You can read the instructions for using Blackboard in the course directions; username/password information is on the course Help page.
  • Can I find college technical support if I need it?  Can I find technical support for my home computer or e-mail provider if I need it?
  • Can I stick to a defined work schedule?
  • Am I able to budget my time every week to work on my assignments? Let me repeat that, am I able to set up a time schedule for the course? You may wish to watch the short video on developing a time management schedule for your course work.
  • Do I need face-to-face contact with an instructor to motivate me to do my assignments?
  • You may also wish to check ELI's Smartmeasure to see if you are ready for distance learning.

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