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Gay/Lesbian Relationships: Marriage, Family and Adoption

Same-Sex Marriage

This is an About.com guide of links on the issue of whether gay and lesbian couples are entitled to the rights and benefits of marriage.


This page from the Human Rights Campaign Foundation provides resources and information about gay and lesbian couples and gay families.

ACLU on Gay and Lesbian Parenting

The American Civil Liberties Union weighs in with its opinion on the matter of gay and lesbian parenting. The page surveys some of the legal questions that have been raised and summarizes some of the research that has been conducted concerning gay and lesbian families.

APA Resources on Gay and Lesbian Parenting

The American Psychological Association report summarizes research about prenting issues. The review of literature authored by Charlotte Patterson concludes that "there is no evidence to suggest that lesbians and gay men are unfit to be parents or that psychosocial development among children of gay men or lesbians is compromised in any respect relative to that among offspring of heterosexual parents."

Dr. Spock on Gay and Lesbian Parents

Dr. Benjamin Spock comments about gay and lesbian family relationships on drSpock.com. In a second essay entitled, Gay and Lesbian Parents: a Further Look, Dr. Spock offers recommendations to gay and lesbian parents about how to deal with some of the issues that they and their children are likely to confront.

Queer as Your Folks

In an editorial in the Phoenix.com, Michael Bronski reflects upon a research study about the sexual identities of children raised lesbian families that was written by Judith Stacey and Timothy J. Biblarz. Bronski observes how the outcomes of this study are used by social conservatives and liberals in conjunction with the questions: "So what’s the problem? What parents wouldn’t want their children to be tolerant? Their girls to be ambitious and assertive? Their boys to be communicative and emotional? And given the endless cultural fretting about women being from one planet and men from another, who wouldn’t be happy to raise young women who are sexually assured and young men who exhibit a little less eagerness in their sexual adventures?"

PFLAG- Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays

PFLAG is a support group and advocacy group that provides information and interaction for the parents of gay and lesbian children.

Family Diversity Project, Inc.

The Family Diversity Project is a non-profit organization that produces photographic exhibitions depicting a wide range of families. Check their site for "Love Makes a Family" to see its depiction of gay and lesbian families.


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