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Resources for Combatting Discrimination

Crosspoint Gay and Lesbian Resources

Crosspoint is a Human Rights organization associated with the Magenta Foundation in Amsterdam. It provides links to research materials dealing with problems of discrimination faced by gay and lesbian people as they are experienced throughout the world.

ACLU on Lesbian and Gay Rights

Links on this page identify some of the key issues and the legislative and judicial arenas in which they are being discused.

Homophobia: Analysis of a "Permissible" Prejudice

This site presents the public forum sponsored by the American Psychoanalytic Association on December 18, 1998. Panelists for the symposium include the Reverend Peter Gomes, Harvard University; Dr. Nancy Chodorow, University of California at Berkeley; and Dr. Ralph Roughton, Atlanta. From this site, you can read summaries of their remarks or the full text of each panelist's contributions.

Human Rights Campaign

The HRC is one of the principle advocates for equality for gay and lesbian people. Its home page provides background information about current issues undetaken by the organization.

Assault on Gay America

This is a website for a feature Frontline program that aired on PBS. It examined the issue of violence against gay and lesbian people and explored some of the underlying themes of ethnocentrism and homophobia that motivate violence. A homophobia questionnaire is also included on the site to weigh one's attitudes and beliefs about homosexuality. The instrument was developed by Dr. Henry Adams.


The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation is a "watchdog" organization that monitors the way that gay and lesbian people are represented in media of communication.

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

The NGLTF lobbies for gay and lesbian equality. Its home page provides links to recent issues that the organization has undetaken.

Queer Resources Directory

This page provides links to a wide array of issues related to gay and lesbian politics.


This site, sponsored by the Southern Poverty Law Center, provides resources to promote tolerance and an appreciation for cultural diversity.

A primer on homophobia for the child and adolescent psychiatrist. James Lock; Brian N. Kleis. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, June 1998 v37 n6 p671(3)

Homophobia is a major problem facing adolescents, particularly gays and lesbians. A number of cases of assault, suicide, substance abuse and Homelessness among homosexual teenagers can be traced directly from homophobic attitudes. It is therefore important for child and adolescent psychiatrists to help change homophobic attitudes through their clinical work. This can be done by targeting therapeutic interventions at different developmental stages when children's ideas and attitudes are formed. InfoTrac.


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