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Intercultural Communication Competencies

Latino Expectations of Communicative Competence: A Focus Group Interview Study. Lisa Bradford; Renee A. Meyers; Kristine A. Kane. Communication Quarterly, Winter 1999 v47 i1 p98.

Drawing on Martin, Hammer, and Bradford's (1994) work on intercultural communicative competence, this investigation explored Latino expectations of communicative competence using focus group interviews. InfoTrac.

Why Don't They Fight Each Other? Cultural Diversity and Operational Unity in Multinational Forces. EFRAT ELRON; BOAS SHAMIR; EYAL BEN-ARI. Armed Forces & Society: An Interdisciplinary Journal, Fall 1999 v26 i1 p73.

Multinational forces are examined as multicultural organizations, focusing on their ability to operate efficiently despite varied cultural backgrounds. Reasons include common military structures, shared values associated with missions, and the universal experience of uncertainty. InfoTrac.


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