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Racial and Ethnic Identity

Race Relations Guide on About.com

Kimberly Hohman is the guide for this About.com expert guide on race relations. The guide examines political and social issues related to race.

B'nai B'rith Intenational

B'nai Brith features Web pages related to Jewish identity and issues of discrimination.

Tomas Rivera Policy Insititute

This organization does research about issues related issues that concern Latino communities in the United States.

University of Maryland Diversity Database

The diversity database provides a page devoted to resources about ethnicity, national origins and race. It includes materials on African American Studies, Asian American Studies, Jewish Studies, Latino/a Studies, and Native American Studies. There is also a Home page for the site as a whole to which you can link to a search tool for finding other resources about issues related to diversity.

U.S. Census Bureau

Data from the U.S. Census on race.

Identity Crisis

Deborah J. Dickerson reflects on the Howard Univesrsity DNA study in this op ed piece in the Washington Post. The Howard University project has sampled DNA from various racial groups, enabling individuals to trace their genetic lineage.



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