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Resources for Combatting Racism and Prejudice

Crosspoint Anti-Racism Website

Crosspoint is a Human Rights organization associated with the Magenta Foundation in Amsterdam. It provides links to research materials dealing with problems of racism as they are experienced throughout the world.


This site, sponsored by the Southern Poverty Law Center, provides resources to promote tolerance and an appreciation for cultural diversity.

ACLU Page on Racial Justice

Links on this page identify the key issues and the legislative and judicial arenas in which they are being discussed.

Committee on International Relationships in Psychology Website on Prejudice and Racism

This is a site sponsored by the APA. It provides resources about race relations and prejudice.


This beautifully designed site, ColorQ.org, identifies itself as a space for people of color and other marginalized peoples. The organization also publishes an E-zine about prejudice and discrimination called Pet Sins.

Say No to Racism

Sponsored by the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission in Canada, this page provides a tutorial of sources about racism and how individuals can respond to the social problems it creates.


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