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Selective Perception

Context and Expectations

Daniel Chandler explains how our frame of reference may influence the types of choices we make as part of our selective perception.

Sensing Change in the Environment

Without a great deal of conscious awareness, we are likely to make selective perceptions if there is a change in our environment.

Figure and Ground

Edgar Rubin developed an optical illusion to illustrate the concept of figure and ground. What is the figure? What is in the background?

Rotating Pink Dot

Observe this visual display and locate the green dot. And you will still see spots after you view it!

Perceptual Ambiguity

Do you see a young woman or an older one in this image by W. E. Hill? It is a matter of selective percpetion as well as how you interpret the image.

Sensation and Perception Tutorial

Dr. John H. Krantz provides explanations of how we form perceptions in this tutorial.

William James on Attention

This is a chapter from William James' Prninciples of Psychology in which he explains sthe process of attention.

Self Quiz on Sensation and Perception

This is an interactive quiz about the psychology and physiology of perception from Psych Web.


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