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Interpretation of Perceptions

The Third Dimension

The meaning of what we perceive is constructed. Sometimes, we impose a meaning on an object. This idea is illustrated by Daniel Chandler with a concept he labels, the third dimension

Society as a Human Product

This is a chapter from Berger and Luckmannn's classic The Social Construction of Reality.

Strategic Frame Analysis

The concept of framing suggests that we perceive the world around us through symbols. Check out the Center for Communications and Community at UCLA for an examination of how narrative form, especially in myth and metaphorical expression, is used to frame discourse.

Individual Differences, perceptions and Needs

How we construct and interpret what we perceive is affected by the unique perspective we bring to a situation. Factors such as our individual cognitive abilities, personality, culture and gender can influence how we interpret experiences.

Attribution Theory of Fritz Heider

This essay by Em Griffin explains key concepts in Heider's theory of attribution as a three part process or chain of causation: making a perception, forming a judgment and attributing a disposition.

Building illusions: culture determines what we see. Christopher Miller. Business Communication Quarterly, March 1996 v59 n1 p87(4).

Different cultures, including their levels of exposure to technology, determine the way pictures are perceived. For one, depth perception is not as developed in native populations who tend to look at things in only two dimensions. They fail to distinguish objects in pictures in terms of size, overlap and perspective. This concept is incorporated in the 'carpentered-world' theory that has been proposed by researchers to explain cultural differences in visual perception. InfoTrac.

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