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Theories of Language: I.A. Richards

The Life and Times of I.A. Richards

This is a biographical sketch and overview of Richards' contributions to rhetorical theory and the study of metaphor by Christopher Fordham from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

The Meaning of Meaning of I.A. Richards

This essay by Em Griffin outlines I.A. Richards' contributions to the study of semantics.

I.A. Richards on Rhetoric

Ed Lamoureaux from Bradley University describes Richards' contributions to rhetorical theory in his Rhetorical Theory Notes.

What Do You Mean?

The subtitle of this paper by A. Bosco is a brief look at Ogden and Richards' theory of meaning.

The I.A. Richards Web Resource

John Constable provides resources and a chronology of the life and work of I.A. Richards.

Basic English

Charles K. Ogden, an associate of I.A. Richards' and his co-author, developed a vocabulary for basic English. The concept behind this effort was to streamline the English language to 850 words.


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