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Theories of Language: Saussure

Third Courseof Lectures on General Linguistics

These are excerpts from Saussure from his Third Course. Of particular note are his thoughts on the definition of a sign and its component parts as the signifier (sound image or auditory image) and the signified (the concept.)

Saussure and Structuralism

Dr. Mary Klages from the University of Colorada at Boulder explains Saussure's theory from a perspective of structuralist schools of language analsysis.

Le Cours de Linguistique Générale de Saussure: Le rôle de la langue vis-à-vis de la pensée

This critique of Saussure is written in French by Sandrin Tognotti.

Saussure and Beyond

This is a series of lectures by Paul J. Thaibult that examines Saussure's theory of semiotics. Thaibut argues that Saussure's theory is a dynamic social theory that can be applied to present day concerns with meaning-making.




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